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Colin Henderson

No disrepect, but I think "marketers" cannot deal with this complexity, at least alone. There is a new skill set beyond the tradtional 4 p's (price, promotion, place, product).

We could call the fifth one personalisation, but thats technology, based on advanced behavioural customer analytics. There is a scientific element. The point there is that marketers cannot do that one in isolation.

Today's technologies are generally built to support campaigns, and fall down when asked to provide real time live marketing offers to customers, based on the customers actual beheviours and interactions.

Don Peppers

Colin: I couldn't agree more that most of today's marketing technologies are built to support campaigns. The truth is, however, rather than "batch" processing of marketing, tomorrow's technologies need to do "continuous" processing, or perhaps a better description would be "real time" processing.

And another thing: more and more, marketers are going to have to be in the optimization business. If you only get a few seconds of attention span from any given Web site user, what is the “optimum” offer and/or creative to have in front of that particular user, given what you know of him, for those few seconds? There’s some academic work going on now that performs analytics by treating consumer attention span as a kind of constrained resource – and this is very close to Martha’s and my concept of Return on Customer(sm), which is a metric designed to guide a firm’s decision when customers are the constrained resource.

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