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I think they should blog. The notion that "everyone should be more focused on their own job" flies in the face of the reality that the job is no longer defined. The old defintions of marketing work are being challenged on an enormous scale, as you point out in one of your papers.
So what better way to understand the new medium, that by participating in it, listening, and learning by doing in this new world.

Peter Kim

Here's another angle for you - should ALL CMOs blog? Would we end up with a cacophony of corporate shills or a wonderful long tail harmony?

I think that the conversation happens in degrees - listening first, commenting second, and hosting third. Not everyone will get to even the 2nd step, but those that do will see some great long-term benefits.


Having been a CMO I know how hard it is to find the time to blog. I think CMOs should definitely listen, no doubt. But, they should only blog if they are passionate about sharing their thoughts, opinions and experiences with others. No one should HAVE to blog. As a reader I would find it boring to read a blog created because you "should" blog. Blogs need to maintain authenticity. The more we assign rules about who should blog, the more we clutter up the blogosphere with marketing hype vs. real conversations.

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