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Dennis R. Mortensen

Hi Akin,

First, really nice to see you online - I actually did not know that you somehow blogged! :-)

And in my research for a white-paper and blog post about:

“What and how to measure Social Networking websites”

I came across your posting and could not agree more and I think you are SPOT ON in your comment: “Meaningful metrics come from defining your business objectives and key performance indicators that demonstrate whether or not you're making progress toward specific goals”. I actually tried to do so (for social networking sites) and ended up with a suggestion saying:

Social Networking business objectives:
- Increase Advertising and/or premium member-ship Revenue
- Increase User Engagement

Social Networking advertising revenue KPI’s:
- Advertising Revenue
- Visits per week
- Ad units per visit*
- Ads served*
- Ad CTR

Social Networking user engagement KPI’s:
- User Engagement*
- Anonymous visitors to members conversion rate*
- Active member length
- Time since last login
- Total time spent on site

These KPI's of course goes together with my comments and attitudes, but it is just up your alley – by starting with the definition of the business objective. :-)

... and I assume I will see you at SES in San Jose?

Dennis R. Mortensen
BLOG: http://visualrevenue.com/blog

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