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Pablo Palatnik

It is remarkable how social media is changing how we manage SEO and SEM campaigns. Myspace, Friendster, etc..was one thing in itself with powerful marketing tools, but Digg, Reddit, Netscape, etc..(the social bookmark sites) are beginning to become part of what we need to do for link building, branding, etc. It's only a growing market that has just started with a huge jump.

dan gluckman

You raise an interest point, and I have experienced clients' hyper-focus on solely the tech and the tools in my own consultancy. Lately I have met with an increasing number of potential clients who are interested in "shallow side" of web 2.0, social media tools, etc. However, very few of these companies are actually willing to interact with their customers on a more transparent level. Just as you said, many just want to use these new platforms to project the same old 'marketing spin' etc.

From what I have noticed, many firms perceive that taking steps toward more meaningful relationships with their customers is too high of a risk. The degree of vulnerability that is required for embracing the "deeper side" of the social web is causing many firms to shy away from the very principles you are writing about.

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