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Eric DePaul

I question how effective internet marketing currently is. I believe a couple of years ago it was very effective with its ‘specific to the consumer’ approach. Nowadays with the current bombardment of information we see, I question if the consumer pays attention. Just like the mass marketing mailings that we receive, internet marketing is beginning to be ignored. I close out the advertisement windows just like I would throw out my ‘junk mail’. I buy pop up blocker software, just like I would sign up for a ‘do not call’ list. Internet marketing has begun to be more of a disruption when individuals are working on the web. It maybe effective for marketing to individuals that ‘hang out’ on the internet, but I don’t see it as effective for people using the internet when they need it. The challenge for internet marketing will be the same as past ways of advertising, “how do we balance what we are trying to relay to the consumer without becoming a burden?”

Steve O'Brien

Eric, Great comment, but I think you're using an extremely narrow definition of "Internet marketing." You seem to equate it with online banner advertising and mass e-mail, both of which I think we all agree are losing effectiveness (thus the growth of search marketing). But "Internet marketing" includes targeted e-mails (like the great reminders I get from Amazon and Ticketmaster about things I would never search for -- I'm happy they know my musical taste well enough to remind me when the Barenaked Ladies are appearing in Boston or releasing a new CD). Or cross-channel marketing that uses the Web for fulfillment (check "geico.com to save 15% in 15 minutes or less" -- that's not an online ad, but it is part of Internet marketing!). And let's not forget that Search Engine Marketing, the largest fastest growing market there is, is just one part of "Internet marketing."

Donna Konley

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Sibel Depaul

When I compare marketing channels, I believe internet marketing is the one who leads the marketer to measure ROI easily and classify his/her customers and then personalize the delivered message. I agree that internet marketing is ignored from many and become annoying more and more. But the question “when?” should be asked. If internet marketing has been used as a way of mass marketing, yes, it is boring and people do not pay attention. But if, it is used after grabbing data and it is sent to the recipient with a personalized message, I believe it is more traceable than other channels. Consider print ads, outdoor or radio. Even if you put a deal, something that has a call to action message, it is nearly impossible to track what your customer does after seeing your ad. But instead, on the web, you can track easily your customer when s/he leaves your web site. Does s/he go to the competitor site or your partner site? Does s/he shop online or not? I believe internet marketing might facilitate the life of marketers in terms of personalize marketing and ROI.


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