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Eric DePaul

I think that Web 2.0 and this networking phenomenon can be positive for marketers. True, they do lose part of the message they are trying to convey and control when end users make their comments, but they can use this to better reach the consumer. The Coke example is a good one where Coca-Cola went with what end users had created and built upon it. If marketers pay attention to what consumers are saying and learn how to harness and manipulate it, I believe they will be better off. Plus it might give them new ideas that they had not thought of before that consumers will be drawn to. Another thing marketers can do with this technology is start some of the blogs themselves. This can spur discussion about their products and they can lead people into viewing their products positively.

Fred van West

Will we still get paid when someone else is controlling the message? How do we derive analytics when the touch points could come from anywhere? Will there be a Web 2.0 phenomenon like "Google" or will Web 2.0 signal the rise of "Googlets" which focus in smaller, more focused areas of discovery and evaluation? Inquiring minds want to know (and apparently will pay top dollar as well.)

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