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Kevin Hillstrom

You had a very interesting sentence in your post.

"Why are we marketers still talking about these things?"

Two words stand out ... "we marketers".

Trade publications, blogs, and conferences are filled with customer-centricity, as you say. The folks who advocate this concept frequently reside in the marketing or database marketing departments of companies, are vendors trying to sell a "solution", or are consultants trying to make a living.

How often do you hear the CFO of a company talk about these topics? Or how often do you hear the Chief Merchandising Officer of a large department store chain talk about these topics?

Until we marketers are truly respected within the organizations we work in, until our vendor-based solutions are not just hype but are actually shown to increase sales at a reasonable cost, until consultant punditry stops, we marketers will probably continue chatting about this within our closed universe.

And the customer will continue to be disappointed in the businesses we manage.

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