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Eric DePaul

I agree with the eight main criteria to create a customer-centric culture transformation within a company. As we all know, point #1 is a key to the success of the strategy. We need to have the leadership at the top driving the change within our companies. However, I think most people might underestimate just how important point #8 is. The metrics and tracking devices have to be in place. I see this to be where most companies fall short, especially the one I work for. I have seen all of the other steps taken at my company accept the last one. This causes confusion in how individuals are supposed to follow the strategy. It also causes the whole initiative to lose credibility in each of the proceeding criteria. It becomes just talk and buzzwords that our executive leadership has done if the metrics are not in place for employees to follow through on the promises of a customer-centric company.

Andrew Hally

I'm reminded of the old adage, "you manage what you measure," right? Were financial incentives aligned properly at your company but difficult to measure? I bet these often go hand-in-hand. Sorry to mention Best Buy again, but their great presentation at our conference is still fresh in my mind, and they're a good example. Regarding metrics, they've driven customer metrics all the way down to the store level!

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