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Paul Gibler

I liked Laura's posting on the Forrester Marketing blog http://blogs.forrester.com/marketing/2006/09/should_b2b_mark.html that referenced the questions that B2B marketers should ask before launching a blog. I believe that it depends on the nature of the business, the resources that are avaialable and the level of commitment that the business is willing to put into this and/or other social computing tools.

You might also find my article "Cutting through the Blog Fog" http://wistechnology.com/article.php?id=3210 on Wisconsin Technology Networks of interest for additional insights on the status of business blogging and steps to take in setting up a blog.


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Ian Harkins

I came across a very good podcast series on this at http://www.b2bmarketingpodcast.com where the senior VPs of marketing of many of the world's leading b2b brands are discussing their views on Web 2.0. Sun's Ingrid Van Den Hoogen and SAP's Steve Mann both discuss blogging at some length and I would imagine other's will in the series too, because the interviewer seems to see blogging as at least as important as other Web 2.0 formats.

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