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John Dawson

Hi Rand - i'd love to hear more about actionability as it applies to web and other marketing channels. The great lesson that web analytics has taught marketing folks over the past few years is not that every presentation should have the words 2.0 in it but that marketing payback means you need to change behaviour if things aren't working out.

From where i sat a few years ago (in a UK media agency) it was great to see the birth of online marketing and the change that it's brought to the wider community is clear for all to see. The lessons from web analytics are far reaching and should help every part of the marketing team achieve better performance.

Jeoff Pesters

But have not all web analytics vendors always talked about "actionable reports"? What is the difference that you are driving at today? Hi.

Steve O'Brien

There's an important distinction between "actionable reports" and what Rand is referring to as "actionability." An actionable web report might show that 50% of abandoned shopping carts occur on the page where shipping charges are added. An astute marketer can conclude that shipping charges are too high and "take action" to have them reduced, if possible.
"Actionability," on the other hand, would be the ability of the analytics application to trigger an e-mail offering free shipping to any shopper who abandoned a cart with more than $100 in merchandise and lived within 25 miles of a major metropolitan area. The rules would reflect the business constraints. Maybe shoppers with $50 in merchandise who lived in remote areas would be offered a different discount.
Actionability, as Rand pointed out, requires tightly integrated marketing applications (e.g., analytics, CRM, e-mail, campaign management).
Cross-channel actionability requires off-line applications to be integrated with the online analytics.

Eric T. Peterson


Welcome to the blogosphere and I'm glad to read you're settling into things in Boston. I'm also glad to hear you're NOT tired of web analytics ...


Eric T. Peterson

Dave Strickland

Hi Rand,
I've ridden Mt. Tam with a good friend of mine who lives in Corte Madera. Cool.

Here at Silverpop, we are all about actionability. We share the vision that ROI can only be acheived if there is a drive to action and that action ends up as a revenue generating event. Further and more important to us is the relentless drive to 1-1 communications which is popularized by the cry of right message, right person, right time.
Looking forward to continuing to build on that theme with you.

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