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Eric Alterman

Great to find this blog from Steve. Marketing is also a different sort of challenge in Web 2.0 land. I look forward to your next post.

Eric Alterman, Founder KickApps Corporation


Interesting comments Steve. It would be great to hear about some more examples of how marketers are using social networks.

Eric DePaul

I think a good topic for this blog would be one discussing all of the marketing possibilities out there using the concepts you list here. Being new to marketing discussions, I would find it interesting to see all that can be used to market to my target audience as well as get a message out in general. How do you start a blog that your target audience will find and participate in? The “American Idol” one is easy because internet users know what to type into a search engine. What about consumers that don’t know anything about you yet? How would you get a hold of them to have them participate in a blog you set up? I think if people find a user-generated discussion they will be willing to participate because consumers like insight from other users. How do you get them all together in the first place?

Kevin DePaul

Eric raises some good questions regarding the use of blogs to promote products or services that might not be as well known. My opinion is that it’s all about the “drive to action”. In order to use a blog as a marketing tool, one must provide a benefit where a costumer would find value. For instance, marketing professionals that have a vested interest in seeing their companies succeed on the web would be interested in hearing insights from experienced online marketing professionals like Rand and Steve. The blog we are looking at now allows these business professionals to get what they might consider free consulting, but this “value” may ultimately lead to additional business for Unica.

Most of the successful blogs of today spread like wildfire through the back channels of the internet because of the “value” they provide. If you can truly create attractive value, customers will come.

Shawn DePaul

I like the idea of a blog, but how do you address negative comments on a particular product or service? Rand and Steve assume that the blog will be positive feedback. If they could address any problems by assuring customers their issues will be addressed, I can see this tool being successfully utilized.

Fred van West

Wow! Thanks for opening up the discussion. At the MIS this year, there was some discussion on Web 2.0 and I attended a session, but I think there are a lot of strategies that need to be worked out. I brought up the question about what to do (besides hand wringing) when your marketing department loses control over the way customers perceive your product (in our case, user reviews on web 2.0 sites like yelp.com, kayak.com, etc.) I wonder how some user-generated sites might become default sites (like digg.com and slashdot.com are in the technology field) without being seen as 'shills' for marketing organizations. Anyways, my blog is more technical in nature and features eMessage and campaign tips and techniques.

Thanks again for opening the discussion,
Fred van West
Choice Hotels Int'l.

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