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Eric DePaul

With the breakthroughs in data collection, it seems in a lot of organizations access to this data is still lacking. Collecting data has no value if the end users cannot access it. It is a big problem in organizations if marketers cannot get to the data themselves and be able to use it to analyze customer strategies. Sending queries into a “customer insight team” is way too slow. These teams will have to respond to a number of marketers and they might not interpret what data the requestor actually wants. I know when I am analyzing data I change what information I extract out of our system based off of discovered results. Doing data analysis is a fluid process and if you have to send a query to an outside group it hinders the process. By the time the data is returned you can lose your train of thought and you might not see all of the relationships that can surface if the data is easily accessible when you are collecting it. Interface systems need to be put into place to have a successful CRM system.

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